CEVRM, the Center of Excellency for the Valorization of Mediterranean Resources, S.A. is one of the anchor projects of the EEC Valorization of the Wild Resources of the Mediterranean and works as a boosting center of rural areas, betting on applied investigation and the transfer of knowledge between the scientific community and producers, through activities of experimentation/investigation, training, practical demonstration and rural extension, consulting services, monitoring and tech support to producers and companies of the farming, forestry, food and tourist sector applied to wild resources. This company performs yet in organizing the offer and support to entrepreneurs, aspects considered essential to the success of the EEC. With the establishment of CEVRM, the intent was essentially to secure components through performance lines connected to technological innovation, economic development support and processing and transformation.

The execution of the activities consigned in the range of CEVRM’s performing line is, in part, applied to national incentive systems through QREN national programs and other trans-border cooperation systems and projects of development with partnerships between entities of reference in Europe.

Concerning technological innovation, it is intended to implement the improvement and dissemination of production, preservation and transformation techniques of the Mediterranean wild resources and the investigation and demonstration about non-conventional applications of these resources.

Regarding the support for economic development, it is achieved through the elaboration of studies of the potential market of these resources, from the organization of offer concentration strategies for the different resources in study, the strengthening of synergies between producers, the making of training actions about creating a business, marketing, good practices in management and commercialization, incentive and support to biological production certification or other type of qualitative potentiation of the product, elaboration of marketing studies for the different products and definition of joint brand, creation and divulging of a business idea grant based on the exploration of non-logging forest resources.

Concerning processing and transformation, the same is made by the establishing of a collecting center for wild mushrooms, aromatic, medicinal and condimental plants and for the processing, packaging and commercialization of the multifunctional center for wild resources processing.

In the field of commercialization, the company is still involved in the creation of a store for the divulging and commercialiation of wild resources products inserted in the PROVERE EEC, as well as traditional products of the territory, counting still with the close participation and cooperation of all the involved producers and partner entities.